Christian Baker Says It Is His "Duty To Serve" All Of His Customers, Including Same-Sex Couples

In an op-ed for The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi small business owner and baker Mitchell Moore says that it is his "duty" to serve his customers, no matter their race, religion or sexual identity.

From The Clarion-Ledger:

"While my job is fun, I also take my responsibility to serve the public seriously. That means quality control with my products, and it means providing nothing less than excellent customer service to each and every patron who walks into my store. It’s my job to judge the quality of my flour; not the race, religion or any other identities of my customers.

It is not my job to turn someone away because I don’t like who they are or what their beliefs are.

My bakery is very much part of the fabric of the neighborhood, and I recognize that my baked goods should be enjoyed by every walk of life. That’s why I was saddened to learn about Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado turning away a couple because they are gay. It doesn’t matter whether or not they approve of gay people, or whether or not I do; as business owners serving the public, we don’t have a right to deny people service just because of who they are."

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Moore, a self-professed Christian, has obviously struck a balance between staying true to his faith and serving his neighbors without discrimination. May others follow his example.