Kentucky Clerk First to Be Sued For Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses to LGBT Couples

Kim Davis, Rowan County clerk and one of recalcitrant Kentucky clerks who are refusing to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples, is in the news again, this time as the first government employee to be sued for her (in)actions.

From Newsweek:

"...The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against her alleging the unconstitutional denial of same-sex marriages on behalf of four Rowan County couples, gay and straight.

The case is seen by some as pitting the First Amendment, guaranteeing freedom of religion, against the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing the right to equal protection of the law, and as one that will set a precedent for similar lawsuits to come."

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As the lawsuit continues, all eyes will be on little Rowan County, Kentucky, waiting for what will certainly be a landmark decision in post-marriage equality America.