Majority of Christian Small Business Owners Oppose Denying Goods or Services Based on Religious Beliefs

We post a lot of startling, depressing, anger-inducing stories on this blog; it's important to let readers know the kind of opposition to equality and non-discrimination we're up against. However, we're certainly not going to ignore little rays of light when we see them!

Yesterday, the Small Business Majority, a national organization that advocates for small businesses, posted the results of an opinion poll focused on small businesses and the denial of service for LGBT individuals based on religious beliefs. 

From the results:

"Majority of small businesses believe business owners should not be able to deny goods or services to someone based on their religious beliefs: Two-thirds (66%) of small businesses say business owners shouldn’t be able to deny goods or services to someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender based on the owner’s religious beliefs. Forty-five percent strongly believe this. Additionally, 55% of Republican small businesses and 62% of Christian small business owners oppose denying goods or services based on an owner’s religious beliefs."

These heartening numbers are a reminder that sometimes those who spew their opinions the loudest (ahem, Rep. Steve King and Pat Buchanan) don't always reflect the feelings of the majority.

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