Texas Attorney General Still Attempting to Undo A Single Same-Sex Marriage Months After SCOTUS Ruling

Ken Paxton continues to try to overturn a same-sex marriage that took place in Texas in February, despite the fact that marriage equality is the law of the land.

From The Texas Observer:

Despite the Supreme Court’s June ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is still trying to undo a lesbian couple’s February marriage...

In part because Goodfriend had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, state District Judge David Wahlberg barred the clerk’s office from enforcing Texas’ same-sex marriage ban, which he declared unconstitutional.

In granting the restraining order, Wahlberg wrote that Goodfriend’s “health condition strongly militates in favor of issuing immediate relief.”

After obtaining a stay of Wahlberg’s decision from the Texas Supreme Court, the AG’s office sought a ruling voiding the couple’s marriage, but the court hasn’t yet acted on that request.

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