GOP Presidential Candidates Call For Disturbing Measures Against Muslims

Anti-Muslim rhetoric from presidential candidates has gone from inane to profoundly disturbing.

From The Washington Post:

One of the front-runners in the Republican presidential race said Thursday he would “absolutely” want a database of Muslims in the country and wouldn’t rule out giving them special ID cards that noted their religion.

Another top candidate likened Syrian refugees — who are largely Muslim — to dogs. Some of them might be rabid, he said, which was reason to keep them all out.

And a third stood up in the Senate on Thursday and called for banning refugees from five Middle Eastern countries. He was explicit that the point was to keep Muslim refugees out while letting Christians from the same places in.

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Meanwhile, a Sikh man in Chicago was brutally beaten after being mistaken for a Muslim. His beating, paired with other instances of violence against Muslims and mosques and the declarations of elected officials, is just the beginning of a terrifying path that we as a nation are beginning to walk down.