Oregon Judge Who Allegedly Screened Out Same-Sex Marriage Applicants Will Face Hearing

The wheels of justice are moving on one judge who refuses to do his job.

From ABA Journal:

An Oregon judge accused of having his staff screen wedding applications to exclude same-sex couples is facing disciplinary proceedings next week.

Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day is also accused of hanging a picture of Hitler in the county courthouse; allowing a felon to use a gun; soliciting money from lawyers; and other allegations of misconduct, the Oregonian reports. An earlier ABA Journal story has more details.

Day, 54, has told the newspaper that some of the things he’s accused of never happened. He also claimed that some of the things that did happen did not violate the state’s code of judicial conduct.

The judge, who opposes same-sex marriage, said he asked his staff to direct gay couples who want to wed to other judges. He later stopped performing weddings altogether.

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