Study Suggests LGBT Workplace Discrimination Numbers Rival Those Of Race Discrimination

With more anti-discrimination  and protection laws being announced, strengthened, passed, and debated every day, a new study seems to indicate that these ordinances are needed more than ever throughout the United States.

From Gay Star News:

The authors say that the findings refute the argument that employment-protection laws are not required because discrimination does not occur often enough against LGBT people to warrant such laws.

On the other hand, as the population of LGBT people is lower than that of women or people of color in total in the US, introducing such employment protections should not overburden courts with complaints.

‘Because the LGBT population is relatively small, however, the raw number of sexual orientation and gender identity complaints filed is low,’ said Christy Mallory, a senior counsel and one of those to analyze the findings.

‘Therefore, passing non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT workers would not overwhelm state enforcement agencies and courts with complaints.’

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