Nebraska Adoption Bill Would Discriminate Against LGBT Parents

A new bill on the move in Nebraska would allow state-funded adoption agencies to refuse to place children with qualified LGBT parents. 

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

Republican State Sen. Mark Kolterman of Seward, 64, recently introduced LB 975, a bill that would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children in the homes of qualified LGBT parents, while preventing the state from taking away any agency's funding or limiting its contracts. All the agency would have to do is claim they refused a qualified couple based on the agency's "religious objection."

The anti-gay bill is cleverly named the “Welfare Services Preservation Act” as a way to disguise the fact that the bill’s sole purpose is to discriminate against LGBT families. The name insinuates that instead of discrimination, it is about protecting agencies from having to close their doors. Kolterman knows that in some states, agencies have chosen to close their doors rather than serve LGBT families, and he is twisting that around to make it sounds like agencies have been attacked.

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This is not the only bill of its kind currently being presented in state houses around the country. Learn more about anti-LGBT adoption bills on our Legislation Tracker.