Photo credit: Ian Hartsoe

Charlie Craig and David Mullins were planning their wedding reception and went to Masterpiece Cakeshop to order their wedding cake. The bakery turned them away, using religion as an excuse to refuse to serve the couple.

Religious freedom is a fundamental American value. So is ensuring that businesses open to the public are open to all. Our country can and should uphold both.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission determined the bakery violated a state civil rights law when it turned the couple away. A Colorado state court agreed, ruling that the bakery didn’t have a religious freedom right to ignore state law that bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The case was sent up to the US Supreme Court, which held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision-making process was biased. The Court did not rule that religion can be used to harm others or undermine nondiscrimination laws.

Our country is strongest when we are all free to practice our religion, or no religion, as we choose—without hurting others. We won’t give up. We will continue to fight in the courts and the legislatures to ensure that religion isn’t used to harm others. Read Americans United's President and CEO Rachel Laser's statement on the Supreme Court ruling.

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