We are seeing great strides toward equality for LGBTQ Americans: marriage is now recognized for same-sex couples across the country, and laws barring LGBTQ discrimination are gaining traction. But this progress is threatened by increasing attempts to use religion as an excuse to ignore these and other laws barring discrimination.
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When religion is used as a justification to deny healthcare, it puts patients’ health and well-being in jeopardy, and can cause catastrophic harm to those critically in need of care. Yet politicians, employers, hospitals, and medical professionals are denying Americans healthcare and health insurance in the name of religion.
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When individuals and for-profit corporations are permitted to violate the law in the name of religion, it too often comes at the expense of women’s equality and reproductive healthcare.  Legislation and lawsuits have been filed across the country seeking to deny women access to health insurance for contraception.
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The government should treat all Americans equally and fairly and never engage in discrimination. Yet we are seeing efforts across the country to allow government employees to withhold services to people on the basis of religion. Read More

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

At the time of its passage, a broad coalition of progressives and conservatives groups supported the federal RFRA as means to protecting religious freedom. But since then this legislation, and its state counterparts, have been misconstrued and exploited in ways its original proponents never could have imagined. 
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