Has a government official or business denied you service or discriminated against you because of their religious beliefs?

Our lawyers may be able to help you if you have been denied service or discriminated against by a government official, employer, hospital or healthcare provider, landlord, or business open the public (such as a bakery, florist, restaurant, hotel, or store):

  • Were you discriminated against or denied service because of your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity?
  • Were you denied healthcare because your doctor, hospital, or pharmacist has religious objections to certain types of care, such as birth control?
  • Did a government official refuse to serve you or deny you a marriage license for religious reasons?  

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Because our lawyers may need to gather additional details about the incident, it is important that we can get in touch with you—otherwise, we may not be able to help you. We will keep your identity strictly confidential, and we will not reveal your identity or share your contact information without your express permission.

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Please include as much detail about the violation as you can, including a description of exactly what happened and what individuals and entities were involved:
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