Faith Leaders United is a theologically diverse network of faith leaders from across the country dedicated to safeguarding religious freedom for all people. We believe that religion should lift up, protect, and serve others.


A Message From Bill Mefford, Americans United's Faith Organizer

I have seen firsthand the pain and division that is caused when some seek to use religion to discriminate or impose their particular religious beliefs on others. Protect Thy Neighbor is working to create a climate to allow us to all live in harmony; each of us can passionately pursue what we believe, but none can impose it on others or use it to take away the rights of others. Religion should never be used as an excuse to deny the advances in LGBT rights, women’s equality, and access to comprehensive reproductive health. All of us are called to protect our neighbors. 

Why Faith Leaders Protect Their Neighbors

How Faith Leaders Are Protecting Their Neighbors In The Community

Faith leaders all over the nation are leading their communities in the fight against discrimination in the name of religion. Here are a few highlights.

Op-Eds And Commentary

As A Catholic Priest, I Am Against An Executive Order On Religious Liberty - The Rev. Bryan Massingale, Religion News Service

So-Called "Religious Freedom" Laws Hurt, Don't Help, Religion - Ross Murray, The Huffington Post

The Baptist Pastor And His Transgender Friends - Pastor Wingfield for TEDxCharlottesville

Religion Requires Action Toward LGBT Equality - Rabbi Peter Berg in Atlanta Jewish Times

Brian R. Seage, Bishop Of The Episcopal Diocese Of Mississippi, On HB 1523 - Bishop Brian R. Seage in Episcopal Caf‎é

How RFRA Misappropriates Religious Liberty - Rev. David Key for Georgia Unites Against Discrimination

Legislative Testimony

Rabbi Peter Berg testified in opposition to Georgia's SB 29

Pastor Brandiilyne Mangum-Dear testified in opposition to Mississippi's HB 1523

Faith Leaders Standing Together

272 Clergy in Georgia oppose discrimination in the name of religion

Faith Leaders In The News

Law That Stopped Alabama Ministry For Sex Offenders Could Be (Here’s an example of an appropriate use of RFRA— a pastor challenged a state law that prohibits him from ministering to sex offenders.)