We oppose allowing child placement agencies to put their religious beliefs ahead of a child’s best interest. 

That is why we have fought efforts that would allow taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care agencies to use religion as a justification for refusing to work with families, youth in care, or prospective parents. That is also why we oppose allowing child placement agencies to use religion to ignore nondiscrimination laws. For example, no taxpayer-funded agency should be permitted to categorically refuse to place children with certain parents because of the agency’s religious beliefs. This would not only sanction discrimination against prospective parents—most often LGBTQ parents—but also allow taxpayer-funded organizations to deny children a safe, loving, and happy family.  

We have also fought attempts to allow government-funded child placement agencies to compel children in their care to adhere to the agencies’ religious beliefs and practices. Children should never be forced to engage in religious practices that conflict with their own beliefs, nor should children be subjected to debunked and dangerous conversion therapy.

Talking Points

Here's what you should know about why it's important to oppose bills that give child placement agencies a license to discriminate.